Mission Statement
The mission of Cackalacky Con is to promote awareness and education within the general public though providing charitable education services on physical and digital security.

What we do
CackalackyCon is a 501c3 non-profit that serves as a community partnership to provide a hacker con in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina, USA. Founded in 2019, CackalackyCon carries the torch of a long-standing tradition of hacker conferences in RTP and larger southeastern United States to provide open information sharing, education, and community development.

We are returning in 2024 after a very successful 2023. In addition to a wide range of talk topics, you can expect a lockpicking village, chillout space, wireless shootout, Capture the Flag, hardware village, Hacker Swan, and more. The hotel also offers a private bar for attendees, as well as an outdoor pool. If you want to see a new village or event, please suggest it.

If this will be your first time attending or are thinking about attending for the first time, check out our Cackalacky 101 Guide.

Questions? Email us at staff[at]cackalackycon[dot]org.